Welcome to the Blue Sewing Club

To sew more, buy less, make friends 
and have fun!

Enrolment is Open !!

What you can do

Be a designer in your way.

Explore creative ideas which are visible and unique.
Voluntarily sharing needlecraft experiments.

Opportunity to transform mutual ideas into practice with securing environmental protection.

A network to provide you with resources, motivation, and confidence for you to achieve… your creative ideas and express your vision and personality.

We believe that a small portion of hardworking, creative, and committed groups of people can lead to big changes.

Benefits of joining the Club

  • Build confidence and relationships.
  • Supporting local business.
  • Reduce stress and increase concentration.
  • Contribute to reducing the environmental impact.
  • Make your clothes part of your personality.
  • Saving money.
  • Find inspiration.

What the club offers

All skill levels are catered for in the lessons, from absolute beginners to those who are rusty and in need of confidence to those looking to advance their sewing abilities. 

The length of your enrollment in a course is up to you. Sewing classes are ongoing in the following categories:

Small groups at Library and in local communities.

One to One in our  Bermondsey studio   (SE1 5BU).

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Award Winning

UnLtd is a leading provider of support to the social entrepreneurs and works in partnership with the Local Trust and the Southwark Big Local Works to help the community to grow and sustain. 2019 Blue Sewing Club was awarded funding for the support and positive impact in the social communities of London Borough of Southwark.
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Sefa Costas is an exceptional teacher with a gifted talent for sewing and knitting. She has some remarkable techniques for creating mesmerizing masterpieces. Through her teaching, she brings people together, fosters connections, and helps in building new conversations. Through her expert sewing and knitting classes, she helps people to unleash their creativity.
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Ali Kaviani
Director of Projects at Pembroke House

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