Ada Salter And Her Contribution To Our Society

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Ada Salter – a strong woman with stronger ambitions

Ada Salter was the first woman Mayor of Bermondsey and the first Labour woman Mayor in the British Isles.She was an active participant of the Methodist Church and also a part of the Liberal Party. Later, she joined the West London Mission in Bloomsbury as a “Sister of the People” to actively work for people living in the slums.Likewise, in in Bermondsey, she was widely known for her clubs especially for the toughest teenage girls.

Ada Salter

Countless contributions to society by a true super-hero

Social Reformer

Ada brought about phenomenal changes in society. She fought for women’s representation in the government.Working tirelessly for the people of the slums, she went about replacing the slums with model council houses.Ada also voiced her opinions on the equality of workers; both men and women, leading the protest against the dire conditions of working women.


Ada was responsible for establishing the “Beautification Committee”, with the main purpose of beautifying the streets of Bermondseyvia greenery.She also advocated for a Green Belt around London. She believed and encouraged people that a clean, natural environment was not only required for the physical but also the mental well-being of residents. She pioneered urban gardening as well as a campaign against air pollution in London.

Pacifist & Quaker

Ada’s commitment to peace was in-born, which further solidified when she became a Quaker. She was the founder of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and worked for the No Conscription Fellowship. She opposed war representing her party in Bern. According to her belief: There’s a God within us, and if one is ethical then one is actually a human.

Join our hands to celebrate the legend

Join us in celebrating

Ada Salter serves as an inspiration for many.

Join our hands to commemorate the 100 years of Ada Salter’s project to make Bermondsey greener on Saturday 10th October 2020 at Blue Market Place, SE16 3UQ, Borough of Southwark, Bermondsey.

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