About Us

Blue Sewing Club was originated to empower imagination and support by exploring ideas on how to find creative ways to repair old clothes and maximising the utilisation of limited resources, we can help you to look traditional with grace.

We also provide you with training courses in local communities and network events to raise motivation for.

Sew more, buy less, make friends and have fun.

About Me

I am the founder of Blue Sewing Club. All my life I have enjoyed knitting and sewing. I believe working in creative activities is a fulfilling and joyful way to express oneself and wanted to share these feelings with other creative handworkers who were passionate and who lacked the platform to share, apply and refine their

Back in 2018 as a former bus driver, I knew that there is always another route that can lead you to final destination so in 2018, I decided to take that alternative route and joined Big Local Works, (and enterprise hub that supports social entrepreneurs) and in 2019 with the support of UnLtd I left behind my past career to begin this exciting new journey.

Sewing and upcycling have also enabled me to become more conscious about the environmental
impact of my consumption habits. Mending can provide exciting opportunities to deliver
maximum outputs within minimal resources and to prolong the life of what I already own and

Xosefa Costas Bernardez

Learn-it, do-it, love it!

Our Mission

To empower passionate and emerging sewists to explore creative techniques from different cultures, blend these techniques with modern trends and interact with communities.

Our Vision

Working together with local communities, to sew and share the skills, so no one can feel alone.

To inspire communities to renew unused clothes to wear it for longer.

Spread the knowledge of different techniques for cloth alterations to
accelerate the world transition to sustainable fashion consumption.

Sew more, buy less, make friends and have fun!

Our Values

  • Review of the textile waste impact on the environment and society
  • Enhance creativity to form unique and fascinating idea
  • Build a positive attitude for maximum outputs. in each project
  • Deliver training sessions to empower creativity into practice