Sewing Machine Course

Learn how to use Sewing Machine

This course will take you to 2-3 hours to complete. Upon completion, you will be able to use the sewing machine and its features for the most common tasks with confidence. Therefore, upon completion of this course. Learners can work from home to complete the basic tasks or enroll on a beginner sewing course.


  • 2 hour Class – £40
  • 3 hour Class – £55
  • Monday to Saturday
  • One Two One
  • 1-2 hours session
  • 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Sewing classes

    Crafting Imagination to Make Revolution

    Sewing machine


    Getting ready with the machine


    Ready to sew. Excitement begins!

    Sewing machine course (2 hours. One sewing session)

    This course is aimed at all those people, just like you, who want to start sewing or maybe
    have a sewing machine but not used for a long time and want a refresher.

    This is a one-to-one class, one two hours session.

    In this class you will learn how to use the sewing machine with confidence as well as troubleshooting and basic maintenance.

    Knowing how to take care of your sewing machine, will save you money and stress. Sewing machines are less likely to break down unexpectedly and last longer.

    You can take this class before or after. This training will prepare you to use any sewing machine. (Non industrial)

    No, during this time, we focus solely on learning how to use the sewing machine with all its functionalities. This way, you can create any project on your own or by joining the sewing club

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