Bring in your worn-out, ill-fitting clothes, and we’ll learn how to deconstruct and up-cycle them to build you a complete new outfit using the following techniques:
  • Patches
  • Lace
  • Boro & Sashiko embroidery
  • Mending
  • Garment alterations
  • Hand embroidery and appliques
    This project is best suited to those who have some sewing experience.
  • Note: You need to book the 6 sessions at the time you make a payment. Sessions are non-refundable and unchangeable.


  • 2 Hour Sessions
  • Total 6 session
  • 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
  • Mon – Fri
  • DIY Upcycling Personalised​


    What is the purpose of the upcycle class?

    On an individual basis, the instructor will teach you the above stitching skills to match the desired outcome of your project.

    What is the course about?

    Learn how to transform, alter and modify the shape and style of a garment using various techniques, styles and methods mentioned above. The purpose is to take old, worn out or damaged clothing and transform it into something new. Clothing that doesn’t fit any longer, is torn, stained or otherwise damaged, can be refashioned into a new product. Upcycling has many benefits and is one opportunity to reduce the amount of waste that we create. Upcycled garments decrease the demand for the wasteful production of new clothing and prevent old textiles from ending up in landfills.

    What does this class cover?

  • Patches
  • Lace
  • Boro & Sashiko embroidery
  • Mending
  • Garment alterations
  • and hand embroidery to your garment. This project is best suited to those who have some sewing experience.
  • Using a pre-existing garment, fighting and adjusting to body shape
  • Cutting out the chosen fabric.
  • Understanding mixing materials
  • Hemming a garment
  • Pressing the fabric
  • Easy and embellishing with fastenings
  • What will I achieve?

    By the end of this course you should be able to…
  • Understand the importance of mixing materials, techniques and colours in the same garment.
  • Cutting or enlarging hems
  • Modify a pattern in size, style, colour
  • Will I be taught in a particular way, and will there be any work outside of class?

    Through practical demonstrations during the class, Q&A discussions and feedback are actively encouraged. This class will be fully personalised to your likes.

    Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

    You will need to purchase the materials according to the planned project that you will work on for the second session. For the first session.bring one or two projects to mend/alter and your sewing equipment along with a writing pad note.

    When I've finished, what course can I do next?

    Customers usually enjoy this class and look for another garment which, while may offer more challenges, will make you more resourceful and environmentally conscientious. You may also want to make your own fashion patterns and enrol on the PATTERN